The smile on her face make me glow again,

even in the sadness I feel alive again.

My face turns blue when she is not arround.

The storm in my heart turns me upside down.

I am a high winds and she is a spring.

My time will come when we meet again.

I wrapped in her thoughts every single day.

Please tell me someone how should I convey.

Night awaits for me to get some sleep,

but I am busy in chasing her in my dreams.

I look up I look up I look up in the sky.

I say I love her, they say meet we know what it likes to cry.


~ Meet



You are a diamond my love & I am just a stone,

I might break into pieces but I will make sure you will not.

You are a fire my love & I am just a moth,

I might consumed by it & there will be no next dawn.

You are a flower my love & I am just a bee,

I might disturb you my whole life but this is happiness for me.

You are the only one my love & I am just your shadow,

I might be far away from you but I will always follow.