I am sacrifice to you, when I see your patience & resilience O Ant 🐜,

What is far? What is near? You do not know the meaning of it.

But still you cover distance to meet your beloved (sugar speck).

Grant me this wisdom of your’s, So that I can walk miles.

Meet, may be one day my walk will stop and will see her again.

~ Meet


This new year, I wish to be a pigeon who comes to your window to be the first one to see your beauty.

This new year, I wish I become a mirror in which I see your reflection and get lost in it forever.

This new year, I wish I become sun. When you come out, my love would reflect on your face.

This new year, I wish I become your adherent. Whatever you do in your life I will always stay and follow.

~ Meet


It’s indeed difficult to understand the ache of one’s heart.

It constantly remind me a story of my inner self

If I tell you, a tale of a lover, bring your heart in front of me

Carrying a torch of love, I will walk miles O meet, 

like a shadow comes to life in light and wraps it self in night


~ Meet


As my day begins, I knew something is missing.

On having a second thought, anxiety in me grew.

This is what I am left with when she is not around.

She is so important to me and I want to tell each & every one of you.

This is a truth which I can never hide,

remember my name O meeta without her I can’t be mine.

~ Meet