There is a fire kindling in me.

It is silent & it can not be seen.

Nor there is a sign for union, neither I am worthy of such love.

It is a blaze which could not be stopped.

There is a deep scar left in, Meet,

everything else has plunged into dark.

Maybe from ashes, I will rise again like phoenix (bird) does.

Maybe be then, I will find my way to see her again.

~ Meet



These stories and praises I hear.

What can I say about it father?

Neither I am a saint, nor I am a coward.

I am just a lover, who desperately wait for dawn (love) to arrive soon.

so this dew glisten in the morning sun.

This is a play in which I am engrossed.

Don’t know where else my thought will linger?

I say things and dare not to openly utter.

O my despair heart, You might stop me to utter my love,

but let me grab some flower to whom I love.

~ Meet


O my fond heart, why are you so agitated?

Tell me, what is hidden inside you?

what can I say, now I have no words left to convey.

Even my thoughts are hidden behind the veil.

After giving my heart up, I have left with nothing.

Now, even my soul is hidden behind the veil.

After being in love, I have left with no senses.

Now, even my eyes are hidden behind the veil.

Now they look for me, they could not find any,

Meet, even my-self do not know, where I am actually hiding.

~ Meet 

With out you

I don’t have word’s to describe, how beautiful you are?

Even if I learn all the languages, still it would be hard for me to quantify.

Patiently, waiting for light to sheer through clouds again.

With out you my love there is no twinkles in my heart.

You are a wind that calls my name.

With out you my love, my world is not the same.

~ Meet



Who are you?

I am meeta, I am meeta !

Like waves form in the ocean and meet you on shore, I always come to your door, remember?


Who are you?

I am meeta, I am meeta !

You are the master and I am just a pawn, wandering and lost remember?


Who are you?

I am meeta, I am meeta !

You are the creator of gardens and I am just a thorn, remember?


Who are you?

I am meeta, I am meeta !

I dance like a peacock when it rain, this is a way it pleases you, remember?


~ Meet


Her voice is like a sweet sound of bulbul (passerine bird). Even from far, I can feel like she is mumbling and I could hear.

I am just gambler of love passing by, carrying an aspiration of love around me.

Waiting for a moment, when two waves in the ocean will finally conspire.

Meet, I bow only front of you. My heart already disappeared and my mind seems vacant too

~ Meet


I am sacrifice to you, when I see your patience & resilience O Ant 🐜,

What is far? What is near? You do not know the meaning of it.

But still you cover distance to meet your beloved (sugar speck).

Grant me this wisdom of your’s, So that I can walk miles.

Meet, may be one day my walk will stop and will see her again.

~ Meet