It’s indeed difficult to understand the ache of one’s heart.

It constantly remind me a story of my inner self

If I tell you, a tale of a lover, bring your heart in front of me

Carrying a torch of love, I will walk miles O meet, 

like a shadow comes to life in light and wraps it self in night


~ Meet


As my day begins, I knew something is missing.

On having a second thought, anxiety in me grew.

This is what I am left with when she is not around.

She is so important to me and I want to tell each & every one of you.

This is a truth which I can never hide,

remember my name O meeta without her I can’t be mine.

~ Meet


Fall Away

They were waiting for a season to see how everything looks.

It was only me who was un-shook.

They called why you are not bothered of our arrival O meet,

Friend I am in love, I seek for only my beloved.

I am bit wounded, her smile only can recover.

This is the way I live and only she can uncover.

My day will come when roses will fall from the sky.

Till that time, let my love be her fragance where ever she resides.

I am like flower who silently came into being

and one day in silence I will fall away.


~ Meet