In your realm, 

I have seen the sun rising and setting. 

I have seen a drop joyfully submerging in the river.

I have seen diamonds but no one knows its value.

I have seen that one smile which is hard to forget.

I have seen many lover in midst of night. 

I have seen those who are orphan but still under your sight.

I have seen children playing day and night.

I have seen people saying, love is hard as a stone

but I have seen a stone turning into dust

in your realm

~ Meet



Entire life passed away in order to fulfil one desire. 
Neither I have seen her nor I have left with any power. 
I’m becoming old and my beard turning grey, even I astray from my path. 
My aim would be the same, my aim would be the same.
~ Meet


Every flower in this garden of yours, knows what I am going through?

Only you are unaware. Only you are unaware.

Crush me like a flower by walking over it, even after been crushed!

My scent will remind you of me. My scent will remind you of me.

~ Meet

Hope امید

Earlier I was a fool who fell for you.

Then I became your lover who cry for you.

Then you made me a poet and gave a gift to my writing and now I’m unaware how deep I went in.

~ Meet


When I was in dusk (darkness) my beloved came as a light same as a candle which is a sign of relief in night.
As dawn approaches, there is a hope to find solace between the eyes and ears.

~ Meet