Only you know my state, Only you know my state

In one instance, I become lover in another a stranger.

In one instance, I am rich in heart and in another I am muflis (poor).

In one instance, I am all your’s and in another I am no where.

In one instance, I am in prison of my thoughts and in another I am free but still can’t breathe.

In one instance, I am at your door and in another there is no door for me.

In one instance, I feel alive to see that smile and in another I am long gone.

Meet, I will just wait for that instance where I can see her forever.

~ Meet


Smile come’s down to my face,

When I see you, playing with fire O moth,

I know the consequence of such action but,

you are engrossed in your lover reaction.

When you don’t see her you lose your-self,

you go beyond this world but still you could not rest,

again a new hope rises from the east, 

O Meet, I am for her and I will never retreat.





The smile on her face make me glow again,

even in the sadness I feel alive again.

My face turns blue when she is not arround.

The storm in my heart turns me upside down.

I am a high winds and she is a spring.

My time will come when we meet again.

I wrapped in her thoughts every single day.

Please tell me someone how should I convey.

Night awaits for me to get some sleep,

but I am busy in chasing her in my dreams.

I look up I look up I look up in the sky.

I say I love her, they say meet we know what it likes to cry.


~ Meet