Peace of mind

It is a play which never goes my way.

Hardly, I find anything and I have nothing left to say.

Then, there is something, which triggers in my mind.

Its like a murmur,  calling me around.

I closed my eye, I see her around, then I realize I not falling on the ground.

She is the one whom I seek O my dear friend.

There is nothing else which could give me a peace of mind.

~  Meet


O meet, you talk to other’s & laugh with other’s, 

But in your mind and heart she is always there.

It’s like a mother who is busy in her chores,

but in her mind and heart a child is always there.

What can we say? What can we say? 

You gave up everything away. You gave up everything away.

There are other 10 door’s for you listen O meet, 

But all we can see your mind & soul always attached to the one.

~ Meet