Like a candle melt, so does a droplets of tears fell.

Listen O friend, know this thing well.


Surrounded by enemies. I don’t know whom I can tell.

The only thing I can do is to sit back and yell 


Its a pain, I am talking about.

It does not need a name. It comes unannounced.


It comes and goes, that is what I know.

O father, listen to my plea, show where I can go.


Is this is a life or just a storm.

Melt me in her love this is the only thing which I want.

~ Meet 


Walking on the terrain, I saw a golden light. 

When I got closer, it was just a sand pile. 

I might be a sand, but I am higher than you. 

I gave you my love, regardless of who are you?

I am full of endurance,  my day has yet to come. 

Remember O meeta, today you are walking over me,

one day I will be over you. 





Love is a mirror with which lover’s see each other, 

If there is no love they hardly bear each other. 


Love is a fire which make two heart dance, 

if there is no love then there is no second chance.


Love is a path which make journey cipher, 

if there is no love then its hard to decipher.


Love is a language which lover convey’s, 

if there is no love they find their way’s.


Love is a passion which burns all bridges, 

if there is no love O meet, everything becomes rigid.


~ Meet 



You are a diamond my love & I am just a stone,

I might break into pieces but I will make sure you will not.

You are a fire my love & I am just a moth,

I might consumed by it & there will be no next dawn.

You are a flower my love & I am just a bee,

I might disturb you my whole life but this is happiness for me.

You are the only one my love & I am just your shadow,

I might be far away from you but I will always follow.